WELCOME Ogallala Natural Beef

We sell high quality grass fed beef from our herd that grazes the world famous western Nebraska pastures.
So tasty and healthful!
No Hormones | No Antibiotics | NO FEEDLOT

ORDER with Nebraska Food Cooperative for delivery anywhere in the state

Keith & Perkins County? Contact Us for local prices and arrange for FREE delivery!
Or visit us at the Ogallala Farmer's Market and the North Platte Farmer's Market


The Ogallala Natural Beef companygrazes their cattle on certified organic cover crop pastures and the grass lands of Dennis Demmel, Ted Bruns and Steve Bull. Local food is about the future. Supporting local farms helps keep the farms in your community, ensuring that your family has access to nourishing, flavorful, fresh food. Ogallala Natural Beef is also protecting the environment by reducing transportation distances and encouraging more earth-friendly beef production.


Pasture raised, the cattle are hormone and antibiotic-free. NO FEEDLOT. For summer time grilling, June through October, Ogallala Natural Beef sells its hamburger and steaks at the local farmers markets in North Platte and Ogallala. The rest of year it sells direct to individuals, health food stores and restaurants, with free delivery in Perkins and Keith counties. Call us for special prices on split quarters and half sides. Custom finishing on the prairie? Yes.



  Ogallala Natural Beef
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